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Witness the strength of science and technology energy-saving

in the company's first domestic passenger car industry has a national accredited laboratories. Have a vehicle line detection, chemical detection chamber, the mechanical properties of testing rooms, testing rooms, such as environmental, electrical and electronic products can be high and low temperature testing, vibration testing, automotive products, general-purpose plastics testing, automotive test of metallic materials a total of 27 projects to test detection, the detection of the conclusions in the international community to achieve mutual recognition of testing laboratories.

Zhongtong Bus always independent innovation, research and development efforts to increase high-tech products. At present, access to the admissibility of 70 patents, including 15 invention patents, utility models, 32, 23 designs. These patented technologies have been developed in the company's way of public buses, city bus, passenger car exports to the widespread application of improved greatly Bus products in the core competitiveness, the company was awarded the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province, "China Patent Shandong Star enterprise "title.

means of modern high-tech R & D applications. Company in the use of Tsinghua University PCCAD systems, and upgrading system software; the use of the French three-dimensional CATIA software and workstations, all passenger cars and parts modeling three-dimensional design; MSC with the United States the use of Nastran, ANSYS finite element analysis software finite element of product reliability, performance and security analysis, the work of its future status and operation of simulation, so that the design process to achieve the development of CATIA, PDM, CAE, ERP simultaneously, the overall level of domestic R & D with industry-leading 2008 awarded the "Shandong Province, the first national high-tech enterprise" title.

since 2005 the company took a total of three National 863 Program - Energy-saving and new energy vehicle major special issue, two major provinces and autonomous special science and technology innovation project, developed four generations with high-tech and energy-saving emission reduction significant effect of hybrid and pure electric passenger cars, passenger car business is currently the only mainstream a commitment to issue 3 863 enterprises, but also the domestic passenger car business in the mainstream, first to obtain access to new energy automobile production enterprises.