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Zhongtong Secures An Order of 600 Units Travel Coaches



Recently, Zhongtong successfully secured an order of 600 units electric travel coaches from a customer. Now, the batch of vehicles is on the production lines and is scheduled to hit the road in August this year. Making a new record in this year’s electric travel coach market, this order is quite encouraging news for the shrinking passenger transport market.

All the 600 units electric travel coaches are of the same type, 10-meter Zhongtong Elegance, which is chiefly targeted at the high-end passenger transport market. As they are soon to be put into operation in northeast China, Zhongtong Elegance travel coaches are all equipped with heating systems and double glazed glass windows. With a compact structure and an eye-catching design, Zhongtong Elegance assumes an awe-inspiring air and offers passengers and customers spacious room. In recent years, the vehicle has been in smooth operation in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with a constantly rising status in the passenger transport market.


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