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Liu Jiayi Pays a Special Visit to Zhongtong


On July 20, Liu Jiayi, Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, paid a special visit to Zhongtong Bus Co., Ltd. Li Shupeng, President of Zhongtong and Sun Qingmin, General Manager of Zhongtong, accompanied Liu and introduced the company’s latest achievements in its business transformation.

Liu went to the Assembly Workshop, taking a closer look at Zhongtong’s state-of-art production lines. Hearing that the company’s bus products are well received around the globe, Liu expressed his satisfaction about the company’s efforts in globalization.

Later, Liu took a ride with Zhongtong’s hydrogen fuel cell bus, asking details about the vehicle’s operation and performances. He also had keen interest in Zhongtong’s electric buses, hybrid buses, recreational vehicles, and those high-end coaches which are to be exported to Saudi Arabia soon.

In recent years, Zhongtong has been making great efforts in transforming its business and focusing on developing and producing environmentally friendly buses, aiming to further increase its market share in the global market. All these have deeply impressed Liu.

After being thoroughly acquainted with Zhongtong’s history, its corporate culture, its development strategies, its market, Liu encouraged all staff in Zhongtong to aim high and work hard to strengthen its brand in the global bus market.

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